A history made up of generations

IFT was founded by Lodovico Soldati after several years of experience in the industry, first with his father Bruno at the De Rica plant in Larzano (Piacenza) and later in the La Valtrebbia factory in Casaliggio di Gragnano (Piacenza). A few years later, in 1977, Lodovico founded a small craft business together with his partner Andrea Dioli, providing a maintenance and assistance service to the canning industries of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza throughout the harvest period.

Soon their horizons widened and together with the Engineer Cantù they founded Simaco: a company that patented the continuous hydrostatic sterilizer “Idrosteryl” and the extrusion tomato pulper. After the experience with Simaco, Lodovico Soldati has carried on manufacturing tomato pulpers and sterilizers in his workshop expanding the range to tube-in-tube exchangers, tunnel pasteurizers and conveyor systems for cans, all marketed by Simaco brand.

Since 2004 with the help of his sons Leonardo, Luigi and his daughter Francesca he has begun the marketing of the machines mentioned above with his own brand:

it marked the beginning of IFT.

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Aldino Soldati – the grandfather of the IFT founder Lodovico - became a works manager in the Ferrari & Tanzi company in 1921, and he modernized the plant with the installation of vacuum boules for the production of tomato paste (concentrate).

Lodovico Soldati IFT Inox Food Technology

Very young Leonardo and Luigi seated on one of the first pulpers.


The first installations


The fourth generation of professionals

Leonardo Soldati


Luigi Soldati

CEO Co-Founder